How We Nurture Childhood Matters

We believe that by nurturing children through everyday play, we can empower children to connect with experiences that capture their curiosity and encourage them to explore the world around them. 

By intentionally inviting children to explore the world in ways that speak to their own heart, mind, and spirit, we help children experience the magnificence of wonder, inquiry, and discovery.

When we nurture children by offering opportunities for children to explore what naturally speaks to them, we support children in finding what is most meaningful to them. 

Nurturing meaningful connections leads children toward a purposeful pathway in life where they can flourish, thrive, and embrace the joys of everyday living. 

By embracing everyday moments of meaningful exploration through play, we nurture a human culture that fosters a sense of wonder, a yearning for new ideas, a passion for innovative thinking, and a love for joyful ways of living.  

Sharing meaningful connections of discovery helps us nourish a greater sense of everyday happiness and well-being for a well-nurtured childhood. 

Nurture Childhood is designed to share simple, everyday ideas that you can share with children to nourish their whole being, growth, and development through heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

We welcome you to discover endless ideas for everyday play, mindfulness, art, and nature that you can embrace to support your everyday journey alongside children.



Teacher, Kindergarten Specialist, Mom

Susan advocates for the rights of children to have authentic, engaging and high quality play experiences. Her work alongside parents and families brings light and joy into the lives of children.


Teacher, Atelier Lead

I love Susan’s reflection journals and books. As with everything she does, says, and emulates, they show the importance Susan places on children, parents, and educators.


Kindergarten Facilitator

Susan, listening to you made my heart and mind feel full and excited! You put all the pieces together.


Mom, Former Certified Teacher

Susan takes a holistic approach to raising children. She nurtures confident, healthy children through her heart-driven educational philosophy.