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Professional Development

You’re capable, competent, and full of endless possibilities! You seek inspiring, expert-level professional development programs. You appreciate personalized learning that offers options to fit your needs and budget. Whether you’re on your own or with a team, we’ve got what you need!

Our programs align with a philosophy of childhood that honours and celebrates the creativity, innovation, and competency of children. We design one-time experiences and on-going projects including professional development sessions and workshops, book talks, pedagogical documentation mentorships, and research partnerships.

If you’re a parent, a homeschooler, an educator, a director, administrator, or leadership consultant, we honour all that you do to support the holistic growth and well-being of your children. We invite you to connect with us to see how we can help you, your team, and your community!

Brand Strategy

You’re amazing! You share your gifts with the world through educational content, products, and consulting services. You’ve got a vision and maybe even a website and some branding assets but they just might be in need of an overhaul ~ and maybe, like yesterday! Worries away ~ we’ve got you covered!

Let us take care of your website and e-commerce design projects. We’ll design branding and brand assets, social media graphics and marketing strategy to share your message. We’ll design and write email marketing campaigns if you’ve got too much on your plate. With our ghostwriting, copywriting, and content creation we’ll help you build your online workshops, courses, and conference offerings.

If you’re short on time yet fully committed to building and growing your educational business, reach out to us. We’d love to see how we can help you make your brand vision a reality!

Business Consulting

You envision reality through a big picture lens as you build the education business of your dreams. Your compass is intact but every once in a while you feel a bit off-track, alone, and longing for a trusted thinking partner on your entrepreneurial journey. Wait, did we just become best friends? We thought so!

As consulting partners and big picture visionaries, we offer long-term and project-based support. We’re listeners, problem-solvers, and action-takers. We’re creative doers, writers, guides that help keep you on track. We customize your journey map starting with where you’re at. We help you with the steps and projects you’d rather not do or simply don’t have the time to see through to fruition.

Reimagine the possibilities along your pathway to making the world an even better place! You’re a difference maker. We’re here to help you share your gifts with the world as you create the business of your dreams. We can’t wait to share big ideas together!

Please send me a message and let me know a little bit about your big ideas.

I look forward to connecting with you.




Kindergarten Teacher, Mama

Susan's collaborative leadership style and deep educational knowledge allows her to find solutions to the most complex educational challenges.


Teacher, Mom

Susan works with educators to connect ever-evolving theory into practice with the ultimate goal of improved student success.


Teacher, Atelier Lead

Susan, as an early childhood educator for over 25 years now, you remind me of my why.


Teacher, Kindergarten Specialist, Mom

Susan advocates for the rights of children to have authentic, engaging and high quality play experiences. Her work alongside parents and families brings light and joy into the lives of children.


Kindergarten Teacher, Former Research Lead, Mom

Susan is committed to removing the isolation that naturally exists and provides educators with a safe, exhilarating space to collaborate and innovate with their peers.


Founder, CEO Kinderoo Children's Academy, Mom

(Susan) understands adult educators on different levels, respects their current practice, beliefs, culture, and celebrates their everyday discoveries.


Teacher, Mama

Susan provides an unwavering amount of support for educators. As a mentor to me, I could not ask for much more.