Why Does Nurture Calm Matter?

Discover how fostering the holistic wellness in children is critical to the well-being of children. Consider the impact you make when you nourish a mindful, happy, and well-balanced way of being in your children. Learn ways to nurture calm as you help children build their own foundation of who they are as human beings.

Explore how to foster as sense of calm in your children as you nourish holistic wellness with our beautifully designed book and compass cards.

A Guide To Fostering Holistic Wellness In Children

We believe that through calm ways of being, children can contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful sense of self.

  • By intentionally choosing calm ways of being, we become better able to experience and bring to the world the best version of ourselves.

  • When we are calm, relationships can be established and built on being mindful and respectful.

  • When we interact intentionally with others through behaviours and strategies that nurture calm, we establish and maintain a greater sense of peace, happiness, and wellness in the world.

Compass Cards for Everyday Nurturing & Wellness

Our Nurture Calm Compass Cards are designed to support you to take action alongside your child to connect to a more balanced and calm way of being.

  • When we nurture each of the seven pillars of children their whole being becomes nourished.

  • Our Nurture Calm Compass Cards are designed to guide you as you nurture children to become more mindful and meaningfully connected to the world around them.

  • As children grow alongside you, we invite you to invest in shared conversations and encounters that deepen your relationship and understanding of what it means to nurture calm in everyday life.

Author and Creator

Nurture Calm: A Guide to Fostering Holistic Wellness in Children + Compass Cards

Founder ~ Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

Susan brings a fresh perspective to raising children. With a focus on the well-being of children, Susan founded Nurtured Inspirations where she offers digital resources, courses, and mentorship for parents and educators who nurture, guide, and inspire children. Susan shares over three decades worth of experiences from travels in Canada, USA, and Italy where she studies early childhood theory and practice along with explorations in the Reggio Emilia Approach, and her everyday classroom experiences as a teacher. Working alongside children, their families, and educators from around the world, Susan’s philosophy of childhood has evolved into The Nurtured Inspirations Approach where she inspires everyday play, mindfulness, art, and nature to those who share their days with children.