This Sundays with Susan two-part interactive virtual gathering not only shares the theory and benefits about Stonework Play, it also shares inspiring stories and experiences about the value and importance of the impact that Stonework Play can have on the heart, body, mind, and spirit of both children and adults.

With its universal appeal, many people tell us that Stonework Play aligns beautifully with their own beliefs and philosophy of natural materials and the wellness of human beings.

We hope it inspires you to continue to share your connected relationships and nourishing gifts with children each and every day.


Get instant access, earn a certificate of completion, and 2 hours of professional development hours...

  • Everything you will need to prime your mind for our interactive Stonework Play sessions.

  • Five videos that walk you through the steps of Stonework Play.

  • 'Stonework Play: A Guide to Inspire Creativity and Storytelling Through Nature' order information - get access to Educational Thought Leader Diana Suskind's, Ed.D. ideas on Stonework Play.

Here's what's inside...

  • 1

    Welcome to Sundays with Susan

    • How to Navigate this Course, Access Your Certificate of Completion, and Leave a Review

    • Welcome from Susan Wright, Founder, Nurtured Inspirations

    • Getting to Know You

    • Your Thoughts on Stonework Play

    • Materials You Will Need for the Live Dialogues

    • Step 1: Gather

    • Step 2: Constructing

    • Step 3: Rendering

    • Step 4: Narrating

    • Step 5: Sharing

    • Order Diana Suskind's book ~ 'Stonework Play: A Guide to Inspire Creativity and Storytelling Through Nature'

  • 2

    Diana Suskind Ed.D. ~ Stonework Play for Children

    • Susan Wright Introducing Diana Suskind Ed.D.

    • Dialogue with Diana Suskind, Sunday, January 19

    • Dialogue with Diana Suskind, Sunday, February 2

    • Stonework Play ~ A Short Introduction

    • Sparking Inspiration for Stonework Play

    • Post-session Download ~ Stonework Play

    • Personal Journal Reflections

    • Discussion Forum

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    Your next steps...

    • Closing Remarks from Susan Wright

    • Before you go...

    • Additional Resources ~ Books and Journal Articles

    • Additional Resources - Video and Audio

Educational Thought Leaders

Ed.D and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Associate

Diana Suskind

Diana is an international Early Childhood consultant, artist and ardent traveler. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Diana coined the term Tarry Time in her Doctoral thesis. She is twice a Fulbright Senior Scholar, the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni of Onondaga Community College Award and the Alumni Community Service Award from The College of Brockport, NY, and on the William Nottingham High School’s Wall of Fame. Caring deeply, she spends her life offering her professional skills and personal resources to empower children and those who work with them.Diana created Stonework Play in Nepal in 2011 as a means to foster creativity in children used to rote memorization, without burdening a school's budget. Enthusiasm for her method encouraged her to introduce it throughout the US and abroad. Stonework Play inspires children and adults to create meaningful stories through contact with nature; something Diana passionately believes today’s world needs. Former associate professor of education, Dr. Suskind served for thirty years at Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA.

Founder, Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

For over 32 years, Susan Wright has shared a passion with educators and parents who guide, nurture, and inspire children. Working collaboratively with children, she works alongside educators and parents to make visible children’s thinking as a way to honour each child’s human experience and unique ways of being. As a teacher, researcher, author, and pedagogical leader, Susan brings a fresh perspective to education through the relationships she builds with educators and parents. As the Founder of the newest collective in education, Susan created Nurtured Inspirations as a way to connect globally with individuals and teams of educators and parents looking to share together as intellectual partners building learning relationships alongside children. Susan travels internationally and collaborates virtually with those wishing to build lasting learning partnerships that share in rich educational endeavours. Susan has visited schools in Canada, the United States, and Italy to study children’s thinking and learning, and to engage in pedagogical dialogue around educator practise.