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  • Explore the power of listening as a way to focus in on children's authentic voices, perspectives, and thinking.

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  • Learn how this form of study, generated by the curiosity of all participants, fosters a culture of learning ~both professional and lifelong~ that makes visible the endless wonders, ideas, questions, and thinking shared between and among learners.

Educational Thought Leader

Susan Stacey

Susan Stacey’s work revolves around inquiry-based learning for both children and educators, emergent curriculum, reflective practices, and pedagogical documentation. She is a long time student of the thinking and practices that reach out to us from the schools of Reggio Emilia. Susan has worked with inquiry-based practices for over 35 years as an early years educator, lab school director, practicum coach, and consultant. In this work, she has mentored, encouraged and nudged educators toward shifts in thinking, trying innovative practices, and especially in documenting their work and ideas. Susan’s books include Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings; Unscripted-Emergent Curriculum in Action; Pedagogical Documentation; and Inquiry-based Early Learning Environments: Creating, Supporting, and Collaborating.

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