Our gathering will focus on neuroscience and how children’s brains develop and function. 

We’ll explore how we can support children’s learning through play and discover ways to create opportunities for holistic growth and development in age-appropriate ways. Dr. Mine Conkbayir will share her thoughts on nourishing a child-centred practice where we seek to understand each child, who they are as a whole being, and what their behaviours are telling us. 

Find out how you can enhance your everyday encounters with children either at home or in a school setting with a deeper understanding of trauma-informed practice. You’ll hear from one of the most compelling early childhood focused research practitioners in our field. You’ll hear from someone who has spent her 18 year career studying brain development and how it connects to children in the early years. 

You will not only build your own knowledge and understanding but you’ll gain massive inspiration from this passionate and invested early childhood advocate.


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  • Gain insights, new perspectives, and understandings that will enhance your everyday encounters with children in the early years.

  • Explore brain development as it relates to a child-centred practice in the early years and discover how new pathways of understanding can empower you to support the developmental needs and well-being of children.

  • Gain insights into how you can support children’s everyday interactions and relationships in ways that positively shape brain development and subsequent emotional responses now and throughout their lives.

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    Mine Conkbayir ~ Early Childhood & Neuroscience

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Educational Thought Leaders

Mine Conkbayir

Dr. Mine Conkbayir is a lecturer, award-winning author and trainer. She has worked in the field of early childhood education and care for over 17 years. Mine is the winner of the Nursery Management Today (NMT) Top 5 Most Inspirational People in Childcare Award. She has recently completed a PhD in early childhood education and neuroscience to develop her work in the complex and challenging subject of infant brain development. Her key objective is to bridge the gap between neuroscience and Early Years discourse and practice. She hopes that her research will provide the necessary evidence to seek solutions to this persistent issue, with the ultimate goal of enhancing provision for babies, children, and young adults.

Founder, Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

For over 32 years, Susan Wright has shared a passion with educators and parents who guide, nurture, and inspire children. Working collaboratively with children, she works alongside educators and parents to make visible children’s thinking as a way to honour each child’s human experience and unique ways of being. As a teacher, researcher, author, and pedagogical leader, Susan brings a fresh perspective to education through the relationships she builds with educators and parents. As the Founder of the newest collective in education, Susan created Nurtured Inspirations as a way to connect globally with individuals and teams of educators and parents looking to share together as intellectual partners building learning relationships alongside children. Susan travels internationally and collaborates virtually with those wishing to build lasting learning partnerships that share in rich educational endeavours. Susan has visited schools in Canada, the United States, and Italy to study children’s thinking and learning, and to engage in pedagogical dialogue around educator practise.