This Sundays with Susan online dialogue with Debi Keyte-Hartland shares a thought-provoking presentation by Debi about Creative Encounters and Co-Inquiries with Children. 

It shares inspiring ideas and thinking about the value and importance of engaging in innovative, creative, and responsive ways that invite children to express themselves through heart, body, mind, and spirit.

With its universal appeal, many people tell us that the Creative Encounters and Co-Inquiries with Children aligns beautifully with their own beliefs and philosophy of creative expression, the hundred languages of children, and inquiry-based encounters in the early years.

We hope it inspires you to continue to share your nourishing gifts with children each and every day.


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  • Gain new insights and consider new perspectives as you explore how materials hold specific qualities and characteristics (intelligences) that affect the ways in which children use them. Consider the agentic nature of materials, and how these possess “dynamic and active forces that work within an intra-active dialogue between the material, environment, and child.”

  • Consider the impact that aesthetics have on children’s encounters and consider the ways that aesthetics can act as an activator of learning.

  • Engage in a reflective discussion with other educators about how children use materials to communicate ideas, thoughts, theories and how children construct and express knowledge about the world.

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    Debi Keyte-Hartland ~ Creative Encounters and Co-Inquiries with Children: New Materiality - Intelligence, Agency and Aesthetics

    • Susan Wright Introducing Debi Keyte-Hartland

    • Slides and Speaker Notes ~ Creative Encounters and Co-Inquiries with Children

    • Debi Keyte-Hartland LIVE Recording from April 26, 2020

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Educational Thought Leaders

Debi Keyte-Hartland

Debi Keyte-Hartland is an International Arts-Educator and Pedagogical Consultant working with schools, centres and organisations in diverse settings involved with the education of young children. She is passionate about visual art, creative, reflective and transdisciplinary approaches to learning. She encountered the work of Loris Malaguzzi and the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy more than 20 years ago and it has since served as a pillar of inspiration and ethical reference that continually transforms and shapes her work with children, their educators, family and community. She is Associate Lecturer and co-module leader on ‘Creativity and the Arts in Early Childhood Education’ - an MA module with CREC (Centre for Research for Early Childhood) and Birmingham City University, an Associate Consultant with Early Education and Co-Director of Sightlines Initiative, the UK reference point and International Network Member of Reggio Children. An inspired trainer, TEDx speaker and conference leader, Debi aims to encourage all those who work beside children to listen closely, interpret wisely, and engage in co-enquiry with children using multiple modes, materials and tools to curate and construct rich opportunities for investigation, theorising and expression of learning in joyful ways.

Founder, Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

For over 32 years, Susan Wright has shared a passion with educators and parents who guide, nurture, and inspire children. Working collaboratively with children, she works alongside educators and parents to make visible children’s thinking as a way to honour each child’s human experience and unique ways of being. As a teacher, researcher, author, and pedagogical leader, Susan brings a fresh perspective to education through the relationships she builds with educators and parents. As the Founder of the newest collective in education, Susan created Nurtured Inspirations as a way to connect globally with individuals and teams of educators and parents looking to share together as intellectual partners building learning relationships alongside children. Susan travels internationally and collaborates virtually with those wishing to build lasting learning partnerships that share in rich educational endeavours. Susan has visited schools in Canada, the United States, and Italy to study children’s thinking and learning, and to engage in pedagogical dialogue around educator practise.