"By investing our time into something we share in common with others ~ something bigger than ourselves; something of global importance ~ we generate a deep sense of connection, meaning, and purpose in our lives as we nourish ever-evolving relationships that we share with one another from around the world." 

~ Susan Wright

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Educational Thought Leader

Founder, Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

For over 32 years, Susan Wright has shared a passion with educators and parents who guide, nurture, and inspire children. Working collaboratively with children, she works alongside educators and parents to make visible children’s thinking as a way to honour each child’s human experience and unique ways of being. As a teacher, researcher, author, and pedagogical leader, Susan brings a fresh perspective to education through the relationships she builds with educators and parents. As the Founder of the newest collective in education, Susan created Nurtured Inspirations as a way to connect globally with individuals and teams of educators and parents looking to share together as intellectual partners building learning relationships alongside children. Susan travels internationally and collaborates virtually with those wishing to build lasting learning partnerships that share in rich educational endeavours. Susan has visited schools in Canada, the United States, and Italy to study children’s thinking and learning, and to engage in pedagogical dialogue around educator practise.