We believe that every child is unique, competent, capable, and full of possibilities. Together, as parents and educators, we can nurture play, calm, art, and nature as powerful pathways to inspire a new generation of hope, love, and joy. 

Our world needs this now more than ever.

For this reason, and in the spirit of childhood, we stand with you sharing all we can to support you as you nurture, guide, and inspire the well-being of your children each and every day.



Spark Inspiration

Discover how the Nurtured Inspirations Approach can help you raise calm, happy, well-balanced children. Our approach features the Seven Pillars of Well-Nurtured Children which are necessary to nourish the well-being of children through heart, mind, body, and spirit. Using our resources as your guide, your children's relationships will be enriched and they will experience more joyful living.


Nourish Your Mind

Our on-demand courses challenge you to reflect on your current practice and invite you to grow through taking action as you engage alongside children and nourish their well-being through heart, mind, body, and spirit. Learn anytime and anywhere. Get instant access, get a certificate of completion, and earn professional development hours.

Consulting Services

Grow In Your Practice

With over three decades of experience, Susan is available to work with educators, pedagogical and team leaders, administrators, and directors of private learning centres. Offerings include: virtual workshops, guest and keynote speaking, conference or sessional presentations, collaborative research, mentorship support, professional development, and customized consulting services for your educator teams and parent community.


Founder ~ Nurtured Inspirations

Susan Wright

Susan brings a fresh perspective to raising children. With a focus on the well-being of children, Susan founded Nurtured Inspirations where she offers digital resources, courses, and mentorship for parents and educators who nurture, guide, and inspire children.

Susan shares over three decades worth of experiences from travels in Canada, USA, and Italy where she studies early childhood theory and practice along with explorations in the Reggio Emilia Approach, and her everyday classroom experiences as a teacher.

Working alongside children, their families, and educators from around the world, Susan’s philosophy of childhood has evolved into The Nurtured Inspirations Approach where she inspires everyday play, mindfulness, art, and nature to those who share their days with children.

Professional Affiliations


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